“Athletes in Training has made me stronger and more agile.  I have gained a lot of my confidence back from being injured for a whole year.  It has gotten me ready for lacrosse season.”

“We always believed our daughter was capable of much more.  Athletes in Training has strengthened her core and improved her leg strength and overall she is stronger.  She will be ready and up to speed entering her freshman year of college and prepared to work out with seniors.  There will be no or very little adjustment.”

“Our daughter loves working out with some of the best softball players on Long Island.  It motivates her and pushes her to improve and keep up with the other athletes.   She loves Damian and the personal attention she receives every session”

“Damian makes the sessions fun as well as productive.”

“After an early evaluation Damian was able to pinpoint what he felt were problem areas and immediately addressed them.  He attacked the areas of concern, which brought immediate results.”

“If you are serious about training and developing your body to perform at its highest level, Athletes in Training is the place to go.”

“Before joining Athletes in Training, finding a place that offered individual, personal and quality training at an affordable price was impossible.  Finding a gym to meet specific sport training needs was just as hard”

“The training program at Athletes in Training has strengthened my daughter’s performance and confidence athletically and mentally on and off the field.  In September she will be playing softball at a Division 1 College.”

“My son has been attending Athletes in Training for three months. He looks forward to his classes and loves to be challenged. His body has changed in just three months. ”

“My daughter began training at Athletes in Training four months ago.  As an eighth grader she was required to pass the physical fitness component of the NYS Athletic Placement process in order to play HS sports.  Damian and his staff assessed her abilities and designed a program with her specific goals in mind.  They were knowledgeable, supportive and very attentive to her needs.  As a result of her hard work and the training provided by Athletes in Training, she passed the test and is now eligible to play on her high school team.”

“I recommend Athletes in Training to all my fellow athletes.  Training at AIT has been a great experience, not only did it help me become physically fit but also mentally tough”

“The trainers go above and beyond to make sure that their athletes get the most out of their experience and are pushing themselves to accomplish their goals.”

“Athletes in Training helped me become not only stronger physically, but more confident in my abilities.”

“Athletes in Training is like a second home, it has a close family atmosphere.  Being surrounded by the best athletes helps to push you to be better every single training session.”

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